New Orleans - L&B - April2018New Orleans ranks up there as one of the cities I love to visit the most and will more than likely return to time and time again. This time around I was lucky enough to spend time there with a couple of my college roommates for a few days. It was about that time in my travels that I was in need of some familiar faces, hugs and laughter and boy was I glad they could make it work.

When I arrived in NOLA the original AirBnB I had booked was not what it seemed in the pictures, nor did it have that NOLA vibe I was looking for so I decided to ditch it and get a different one. I was lucky enough to find one that landed us smack dab on the outskirts of the Garden District and right next to Buckner Mansion, which was used as a set to film scenes for American Horror Story: Coven. It is a very nice place and was perfect!  The minute I pulled up to the curb I knew my decision to switch was a good one.

I knew we weren’t staying in the main house, but when I walked through the side courtyard and it opened up to show a pool, hot tub, quintessential side porch and entrance to the main house and then the carriage house, I felt at ease and at home.  I could have stayed there for a while.

I worked for a few days and then that Friday, I went to pick up my crew at the airport.  We stopped for lunch and I got into a wee little accident in the parking lot, so now the Whip has a dent.  Ugh.  Do you see it?  In the corner diagonally to the right below the circle (aka the sensor for backing up so you don’t hit anything).  And of course my face in the bumper.  ‘Awww man!’  I did my due diligence, found the person of the parked car and then exchanged info and left.


So the accident curbed our plans a bit to go on the food walking tour we had talked about.  So we decided to chill, get lunch to go, head back to the place and regroup and decide what to do from there.

Our first stop was Bao and Noodle which was recommended by a friend.  We had great Chinese food and all experienced crawfish for the first time. And we all agreed, too much work for such little reward. LOL

Then we explored Frenchman Street and hit up an open air market and a brewery of course. I didn’t get any pictures of the market but you better believe I got some of what I drank .  LOL

Day 2: Saturday – It was a rainy day from the beginning but we were not going to let that stop us even though lounging for the day was something we all definitely were into in the morning.  LOL  We got ready and planned our day and headed out.  First on the list, the WWII Museum which was amazing!  It was really well done with so much to see and I would recommend it to everyone who visits New Orleans. We headed back out towards the French Quarter and enjoyed some beignets at Café du Monde of course! And that night we headed out to Pat O’Brien’s for some dueling piano and hurricane goodness. I sadly do not remember where we went for dinner.  What I do remember is a lot of laughing though.

Day 3: Sunday started out beautifully sunny and we decided to walk down Magazine street near where we were staying hit up a great brunch spot, The Red Dog Diner, that again, I would recommend to anyone.  It was soooo good.  

On the way back we checked out some shops on Magazine Street and walked the long way back to our place to really enjoy the garden district and quickly popped into Lafayette Cemetery.  A tour was on our list but we didn’t get around to it this time.

Later on that afternoon we finally made it to the walking tour we were going to do on Friday.  It was a gorgeous day and the French Quarter Fest was in full swing. The food walking tour was great. We walked throughout the French Quarter sampling different dishes from red beans and rice to jambalaya and po boys. After the tour we walked around Jackson Square and checked out the vendors, artists and music who was there for the fest.  That I introduced my friends to the Hotel Monteleone and the famous carousel bar and lounge.  We drank many drinks and snacked on many snacks. This was where I was introduced to the French Martini, so I of course made sure we had some. We made some friends while circling the room, finished up as people were eyeing us for our seats at the bar and then made our way to Bourbon Street.

Day 4: Monday started off slow considering the fun that was had the night before.  😉  A plantation tour was definitely on the list of the things to do and I decided to do one of the more modest plantations in Louisiana, the Laura Plantation.  It didn’t have the big fancy front porch with the columns like what we envisioned, and without doing  a tour of one of those plantations, I believe I enjoyed this one more. Below are some photos from that day.

We packed a lot of things in while visiting New Orleans.  I love the city and I’m glad I got to introduce it to two of my best friends.  A lot of fun was had and a lot of memories made and I hope we get to do it again soon.  Thanks for #meetingmeontheroad ladies!  ❤

New Orleans 31 - April 2018

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